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Jan 18, 2004
east TN
Power-trac 422 2003 model and 428 January 2015 model
Has any one consider putting a trincher blade on the stump grinder. Will it fit? Is the stump grinder motor the same as the trincher motor? How much does a trinch blade cost? I am sure going to try reversing my stump grinder. Thanks 14 for the info.
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The OEM blade reversed on the Stump Grinder does a fine job as a narrow (2" wide by 6" deep) trencher!! I have used it to dig about 300' of trenches along the edges of my driveways. Then I fill them with crushed stone to keep the grass and roots out, and preserve the borders. It moves forward at a slow walking pace spitting out dirt, roots, and rocks (up to grapefruit size) with ease!! It is much easier to stay on line going forward.

Before starting larger, deeper trenches to be dug with my MiniHoe, I cut the proposed sides of the future trench with the Stump Grinder so that the MiniHoe doesn't pull up large irregular chunks of soil, sod, or long roots.

The cutter teeth on my Stump Grinder blade so far show NO signs of wear!!

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The stump cutter will also cot pavement!
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"" The stump cutter will also cot pavement! ""

Thankfully my 'pavement' is just crushed stone, and it zips through that!!

Since asphalt is crushed stone and tar, that should cut well. The Stump Grinder teeth are carbide. Carbide tips are used to drill concrete. Therefore, it would seem that the Stump Grinder would cut the relatively soft concrete typically used for driveways.

I bought the Stump Grinder to grind stumps, but so far, after reversing the blade, I have used it 80% of the time for trenching!!!!


PS: Since this picture was taken, I have added a larger guard to the top of the Stump Grinder to better control the debris thrown forward by the blade.

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I reversed my stump grinder today and used it. I too can see no reason why anyone would not reverse it. It made all the difference in the world. All the chips and dirt just went the other way, allowing me to see what I was doing. The holes were countersunk on the Powertrac side. But I didn’t bother to do that when I reversed the wheel.
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I doubt that you will ever regret it!! Note how clean the front of my PT-425 is after grinding away half of this stump!!



Before each use, just check that everything is as it should be! Of course, you should be doing that with the PT, and all its other various attachments, anyway!!

The biggest pain is things wrapping around the cutter blade hub!! I was using surveyor's tape on the ground to mark where my trench should be. I allowed the cutter blade to get a little too close to the tape. (Operator Error!! /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif) You would be amazed at how fast 100' of tape can go from horizontal to spiral!!!!

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LOL I guess that was a lesson learned. I sure have learned some or those the hard way. Unlike the stacker i use at work the left peddle on the power trac is not a brake. lol
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Well it is, and it isn't! Stomping on it when going forward will definitely stop you, but it will also send you backward!!

Once you get the feel for it, made easier with treadle cords
, you won't want to mess with brakes again!!

Like riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car, it's the same thing, only different!!!

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PT sells a spring kit to increase treadle resistance.