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Apr 22, 2020
American Landmaster BD700 UTV
I am not a Power Trac owner but when I searched the site, discussions of the Subaru Robin EH65 seemed to be concentrated in this forum.

I have a Bulldog BD700 UTV made by American Landmaster that was built in 2010. It has an EH65 engine. I recently removed the engine to replace a head gasket. While I had it out, I replaced both head gaskets and rocker cover gaskets. I removed the valves and cleaned the carbon from the valves and heads. As an extra step, I used some valve grinding compound on the valves to be sure the seats and mating surface on the valves were clean. Also cleaned the carburetor (Nikki) and replaced the needle valve, fuel stop solenoid and gaskets. Didn稚 touch anything to do with the ignition components.

I reinstalled the engine with new plugs, fuel lines, fuel pump, oil & filter. Engine started right up and idled very smooth. However, if I try to get the engine very much above an idle, it begins to spit and sputter and if I open the throttle far enough, it starts to spit/spray gas out of the top of the carburetor.

Suspecting I had adjusted the intake valves too tight, I rechecked them and the clearances were good.

Who can tell me what to check next to try and run this down? The way the engine sits in the frame, you cannot remove the blower housing without at least unbolting and raising the engine to get to the lower housing bolts. Don稚 want to do that unless someone thinks this is ignition related. Any insight or assistance would be appreciated.
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I believe that's the most likely problem... carb crud or misadjustment.

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Is your timing off?
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It痴 you carb. You got junk in it. Or maybe the float is not adjusted right

Already opened the carb. Clean with carb cleaner flowing through all passages. I replaced the needle - seat is not replaceable. No adjustment for the float.
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Wondered that, also, but when I hooked up my inductive timing light it would not work at all. Got to find a working light.
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I'm not a Subaru expert, but I wanted to ask if the engine runs ok with the air filter on. Sometimes you need that bit of vacuum to run properly. I am sure that you have probably checked it, but is it possible that your carburetor jets are too tight?
Pulsing gas back out of the carb is normally something like a bad ring with blow by, although occasionally it can happen when the valve clearance is too tight once the engine warms up. Have you checked the compression or leak down?

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I still think it is the carb. I have messed up rebuilds and had to clean it more than once
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On the blower housing I made a cut with the Dremel tool from one side to the other down the middle. I then can take off the top half.
That way I can clean the engine and replace ignition coils.
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Is the carburetor solenoid getting power. I think this just cuts off fuel to the main jets, not idle. Somebody correct if I am wrong