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I'm about 12 miles from my store. Just picked up my RK55H last week. I bought a 20 foot trailer (not RK) for it that I pull with my F-150, no issues.
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Picked up my RK37 H yesterday along with 72" finish mower and 60" box blade. Loaded on my 22' flat bed/cargo trailer ... 105 miles.
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Congrats Dave. Hope you like yours as much as I do mine.............Don
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42 miles.

Just went to look at one today. Very nice, but very loud. Special orders are 5 weeks out for delivery.

Store does NOT deliver so you are on your own to make arrangements. U-haul car carrier is 2100 lbs and costs $55 / day in Frederick, Md., round trip. Double that for one way. RK37S is listed at 2065 lbs, RK37HC is 3450 lbs and the bucket is a little over 1000.

Remember, they fill the tires with beat juice so how much does that weigh?
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23 Miles, I am waiting for the sub frame for the back hoe before we take delivery of our new RK55H. Hope we are not held up too long but it is what it is. Everyone is having difficulties with supply chain issues. sigh.
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A month ago I purchased my RK37H from a Rural King dealer who is 52 miles away. There was a closer dealer only 43 miles away, but I did not like the equipment manager's attitude. Very disrespectful in a condescending way. He was selling everything he could order and get delivered, so he had a take-it-or-leave-it demeanor. The other dealer further away, who was just as busy, was the exact opposite and it cemented my decision to purchase the RK37H from him.

I prefer not to pay for attitude when I can always get it for free.

I do not own a trailer and paid $250 to have the RK37H with loader and back hoe, plus several attachments, delivered. Like someone else on this thread said, if I have warranty issues that require me to haul the RK37 back to the dealer, so be it. I'll deal with it if and when it happens.

The tractor, loader and back hoe was at least $5,000 less than comparable equipment by other manufacturers. Plus other dealers would not, or could not, give me an estimate of when they could deliver what they wanted to sell me. The RK dealer got me what I wanted in under 3 weeks for $5,000 less than anyone else. It was an easy decision as far as I was concerned. Plus Rural King did not require a deposit or a sales contract. A hand shake was all it took to lock in my order.
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As OP asked about warranty service, I had a warranty issue no long ago. Went into barn, found hydraulic fluid puddle under right rear tire. Appeared the real axle seal (to hub) was popping out. Contacted corporate RK to ask about 8 year power train warranty and the seal. Refused warranty repair, said powertrain warranty only covered internal parts bathed in oil? What do I know? Disappointed? Yes. Went to store to get replacement hydraulic fluid, no longer carry Harvet King, asked what to use and 3 kind folks couldn't come up with which replacement hydraulic oil to use/buy. Went online found TSC had the Harvest King equivalent and bought that. When I repaired the seal/re-seated the seal, which was undamaged, I noticed a very small amount of gray sealant on the hub and even less on the seal itself. All this is just my experience for what it is worth. 240 hrs and less than 3 years old RK24 AND a well taken care of piece of equipment.
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Im curious how far, distance in miles do RK Tractor owners live from the RK Store?
Ordered a RK 37HC last week. 67 miles according to google. Or 77 to the other store. No stores in Maryland. I was told it was because of the gun laws. I will have it hauled and the store does not make that arrangement, though they gave me a number. Hopefully I can get it for a lot less than $5 / mile my local tow company quoted.
Trying to use the RK credit card to get 5% off... if I can cycle through the limit fast enough.
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If you own a tractor you SHOULD own a trailer suitable for moving that tractor.
Paying someone to move your tractor just several times, may cost more than owning a trailer.
Trailers depreciate very little.
If you have a truck that can handle 7000 lbs, a U-Haul car trailer is around $55+tax / day when I last checked. renting a Tow Truck+trailer was $75/day + $1.29 per mile. So For me it's about $300 to fetch it myself. Hmmmm.... Have chains, need tighteners.