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I see them for sale regularly in the $45-60k+ range. You'll be below or maybe at the lower range of those numbers BUT with a new motor! 👍
Start a thread with pictures and take us along.
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LMAO. You bought a 1,600h DOA CTL with some shady DEF delete kit installed.

If it was cheap to fix the previous owner would be driving around in that SVL right now. If the machine isn't hot then he's probably financed a new machine with the down payment you gave him!

Have fun. Post your progress I will enjoy some entertainment.
I have seen a newish Jon dear bought at an auction, non runner. Guys dad took a piect of tie wire and dug a shop rag out of the intake. Been running strong twenty years. I'll take them same gambles.
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You can't just hone that one cylinder and put a piston and rings? I'm 53 and had lots of junk apart, but I have yet to bore or sleeve anything. I have honed cylinders sitting full of water and rusty as heck. Ran it for years afterward. If it's really bad, wrap sand paper around hone. In fact, did a bobcat Kubota that very same way about year 2002. They still use that bobcat on their yard at the bobcat dealer. We traded it in and bought a new one. Beat the Pistons out with a block of wood and a sledge. It was that bad. I don't have a machine shop, but I do have a cylinder hone. I also keep a riding mower for more serious stuff.
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Thanks TripleS. There are those of us that are following along with the progress, hoping you get a nice machine after all is said and done. It'll be some work but worth it in the end.

As far as OEM vs aftermarket, I think with how new and valuable this machine is in other regards, it would pay to gouu7j OEM. If it was an older tractor or something, could be a different story.
OEM don't mean jack Didley at a dealer.