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No complaints about Arkansas when I see the total taxes in other states. Sales, property, personal, excise, income, local income, dog, etc.

Were charged on new vehicle 9% of purchase price. on used vehicle over 4K get hit with 9 % then every year there after it is assessed at 20% of value judged by the state or until 25 years later can get antique plates.
State also has fee of around 30 per year for a sticker to put on License. Now should you purchase a Diesel engine in pickup. there is a $5000 added to assessed value. and each gallon of fuel you purchase there is a nickel additional for road fee since the little pickups are causing all the road wear. Nor charged to 18 Wheelers .
assesses value for every other item also charged including land at 20%
Purchase tax for groc. is State 9% then a 1-2-3 added for cities additional tax.
Haven't checked but there maybe a tax to bury a dead horse.

When you get in your hand a new dollar bill . Fold it into 3 folds the first is what is paid in tax. then again buy something the tax will take it. and final 1/3rd remaining is grabbed as tax . check what the value of a buck is and remember back 50 years ago it was worth a value of gold. now just a sheet of paper deeply in debt.
Not to worry now the medical 'MerryWanta' and casinos is coming the politicians have a hard time not smiling thinking of the near future tax coming in. never would consider reducing a tax already in effect.
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You pay that every year!!!! Holy crap and I thought our $250 vehicle permit every two years for my Frontier was bad, ****. Mind you we pay tax every time the vehicle is sold. If it's sold 10-15 times in it's lifetime we pay 15% on the value every time...........Mike

Yes ..every year. On top of that, our commercial plates renew every year as well ...add about 1500.00 for that annually. And vehicle inspections every year add about 300.00
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Are there states where there is no additional tax for owning a vehicle .. after the sales tax ?

Texas, want to move? Better hurry the door is closing soon.
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I had heard that property taxes were pretty high in Texas. Any truth to that?
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Texas, want to move? Better hurry the door is closing soon.

In all honesty... Texas is on our to-do list. I have 3-4 more years to suffer up here before I can punch out for the last time. Just got back from looking at property in South Fla. I need to be about 10 miles inland near 441 to get the type of property I would want. ....and it's still expensive. ..more than I had expected.
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Texas charges 6.25% sales tax on the difference between the trade in and new vehicle sales price. Then it’s just a registration fee. I think for my 450, it’s $70 or so per year. It’s based off the gvw I believe.

Where we get it is property tax on our residence. It’s usually between 1.75-3.3% depending on location. It’s based on fair market value, so what you could sell your home for or what it sold for. Really isn’t bad after seeing what y’all pay


Our place appraised for around 600k for what we could sell for. Appraised with the county for significantly less. Our taxes this year were $6400. Usually around $4200 with our exemption on the land. I dropped it for 17 to refi and will be getting it back for 18
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I had heard that property taxes were pretty high in Texas. Any truth to that?

Yes and no. There is an Ag exemption for acreage If your land is qualified.

Varies county by county ours property tax is 1.27% of a property's assessed fair market value.
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I had heard that property taxes were pretty high in Texas. Any truth to that?

Like others have said it depends on where you live and it's all relative. If you look at just property tax compared to other states Texas is high. But there is no state or city income tax. Property tax is calculated at 100% of value by state law so politicians cannot do the old "We didn't raise the tax rate". What they didn't say was they raised the % of value used to calculate the tax so you end up paying more tax.

My property tax rate is 2.1% of assessed value, which is fair market value minus ag exemption loss. Ag exemption loss cuts my assessed value by 13% and I live in the county so I don't pay city property tax. We don't pay tax on personal property such as vehicles, tractors, trailers, or livestock like we did in Missouri. Vehicle tags are not expensive, $66 per pickup and $6 per farm trailer per year. We have state and local sales tax, usually 8.25% max. Water and electricity for us is pretty cheap, $30-$50 a month for water and 10 cents/KWH for electricity.
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I think I started a thread on this a few years ago but can't find it. .. I'm in Mass and we have what is called "excise tax"on all our vehicles. Basically we have to pay another tax on our cars every year to the town where it is registered. It is not a insignificant number for me personally. All told, we have 2 - 2107 F series trucks that are aprox 900.00 each, 1 2016 van that is about 600.00, my wife's car which is another 1000.00 and a motorcycle and older F150 that between the 2 is about 400.00. ...roughy $3800.00 a year ....this is on top of the sales tax already paid and although the total goes down every year to a certain degree.. it's still excessive IMO. Are there states where there is no additional tax for owning a vehicle .. after the sales tax ?

Vehicle costs 20 some bucks/yr for new tags/sticker....that's it. Low property taxes, no income taxes, (last time they thought about implementing one, the State capitol was literally stormed) and we have a billion dollar surplus in the State rainy day fund.

I don't understand WHY ya'll folks in the Northeast and out west put up with the thousands and thousands of bucks you pay in taxes....I don't see that life is any better there, no gold plated roads, etc.....what is it you're getting for being fleeced by your State and local govts ???
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Ouch. It cost me $20 a year for tags and tax only when the title changes hands ( which is still a rip off ). We don’t have to tag trailers. The 16,000 pound tags in my dump truck cost $60 a year.