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Jan 31, 2014
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My TC 45D Has the sticky pedal syndrome. I have set everything as per the shop manuals specks. I run it over 2k rpms. and still the pedals don't return to center. As per the shop manual it says to look for things in a bind which I am it the process of doing. The other thing it says to do is to check the HST damper question is how to check it? Do they mean leaks of is there some kind of test to run.
Also, I've heard there is an upgraded return to center spring on the DA's, but Messics has the D's and DA's spring listed as the same part number. At $45 dollars I would like to know if there is at least a difference in the spring that I already have. The damper is $350 so I don't want to just buy it until I know that mine is no good. 🍻
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You are on track with the increased RPMs. If you still have trouble and suspect the damper can it be disconnected? (I'll have to look at mine) @ 1300 hours mine has been through multiple trans/hyd oil changes. One time I used and aftermarket oil which was supposed to meet the 134 requirements of this tractor. I noted that the pedals seemed sticky with this oil. The last time I changed trans oil I was sure to use New Holland (expensive) oil and I can say that I do not notice sticky pedals any more. I would star off by looking at the pedal damper then make sure that you are not due for a fluid/filter change.
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I'm getting there, had damper off disconnected everything and lubed it all up good. It's defiantly better but doesn't return to neutral exactly. The damper didn't make much of a difference off. I'll just keep on playing. 🍻
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I found that the lever for the return to neutral was bent and not letting the bearing travel straight on the pedal bracket. Adjusted everything on there and the tractor still occasionally will not return to neutral. Is there any thing else to look at?
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I have similar problem with my 1620. I could remove the damper and still have the stickiness. The damper functions similar to one of those drawers that has a cushion at the end before it closes. You can remove for test and see if it just slams to center. I ended up replacing my centering spring with a 25# spring. Which didn't resolve the issue. It just made it slam to center a bit more after sticking. Furthermore, mine seems to do it a little less when warmed up and also it's more pronounced going uphill.
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Mine would up being the bracket that everything mounts to was bent. On a parts diagram it was part 23, and it cost $48. I just replaced it runs like new.

1620 is totally different. look for bent or worn linkages and mounting plates. A service manual has the procedure for setting the cent neutral position of the pedals. Start with that. Then lubricate liberally. 🍻