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The main reason he got off is mostly because of Mark Fuhrman, in my opinion....

"Mark Fuhrman (born February 5, 1952) is a former detective of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). He is primarily known for his part in the investigation of the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in the O. J. Simpson murder case.

In 1995, Fuhrman was called to testify regarding his discovery of evidence in the Simpson case, including a bloody glove recovered at Simpson's estate. During the trial, witnesses claimed that during the 1980s, Fuhrman frequently described African Americans with a racist epithet, claims he denied. In response, Simpson's defense team produced recorded interviews with Fuhrman and witnesses proved that he had repeatedly used racist language during those interviews.[2] As a result, the defense claimed that Fuhrman had committed perjury and was not a credible witness. The credibility of the prosecution has been cited as one reason Simpson was acquitted.[3] The defense claimed that Fuhrman planted key evidence as part of a racially motivated plot against Simpson. When asked under oath (with the jury not present), Fuhrman declined to answer all questions, invoking his Fifth Amendment right. These questions included whether he planted or manufactured evidence."

Once you have a cop that's lied as one of your star witnesses, it's all over.

We had a local triple murder here back in the 80's. My wife babysat one of the victims in the 70s. The alleged murder was tried three times. After the 3rd mistrial and before the 4th trial, it came out that the lead investigator was caught lying in other cases. Once his credibility was toast, so was every case he'd ever been involved with and there never was a 4th trial. And they had to go back and review many cases that the lead investigator was involved with. He was fired. Some cases overturned. Sad all the way around.
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He's getting his now 😆 gloves didn't fit OJ, oh so sorry, be free. oh wait, so sorry again, you get to rot in hell.
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Of course he could have never been smart enough to have put blood on a small glove,
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If I were an attorney I could not represent a client I knew was guilty...seeing they were exonerated.
Tough subject, and I lean your way, as well. But this reminded me of probably my favorite biopic of all time, "John Adams", produced by HBO in 2008. If you have not seen it, you owe it to yourself to set aside a few evenings to rip through it, truly some of the best acting and story telling ever put on film.

In any case, the opening episode covers Adams' decision to represent the Brits arrested after the Boston Massacre, and all the flak he took from his community for representing them. I'm sure it's a story we all know, but this biopic really put a personality on the man and events, that I never appreciated before seeing it.

Plus, you get to see "Pig Vomit" in a serious role. :ROFLMAO:

"The show won four Golden Globe awards and thirteen Emmy awards, more than any other miniseries in history."

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Terry Anderson, the AP reporter who was held in Lebanon, has died