Thinking of buying a Zetor-Good choice?

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I have a Branson 4720, I only have about 20 hours on it so far, but love it! I don't think you will go wrong. Do check the dealer out! I tend to be my own wrench, so all I really care about is parts and warantee.

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I've had my 4341 for a little over a year. Love it. Call it "The Beast".
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As a Century 2535 owner, I will add my two cents worth. I have had my tractor for a year an a half now and the only problems I have had have been from the loose screw at the steering wheel. /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif The tractor is a simple and soundly designed piece of equipment that constantly exceeds my expectations, especially as I have grown up on a farm and used other brands of trafctors for many years. It does not have as many bells and whistles as some of the other major brands, but, in my view , there will be fewer possible things to go wrong later on. I would buy another one tomorrow and I think the majority of the owners would also. The C-50 and 50 hl loaders are some of the best loaders made in my view. If you can afford it buy the universal quick attachment for the loader, that will give you many options for later on. It was not available when I purchased mine. As others have said, be sure you feel comfortable with your dealer. Good luck in your search. willie jones
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Thank you all ,on subject of Zetor tractors very informative and well thought out
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I have a Century 3045, which is now the Zetor C47L. So when doing your research remember that the compact Zetor's used to be called Century. Without going into a lot of boring detail Zetor's are manufactured by Kukje out of South Korea. They also make the Branson line of tractors which is the Zetor's twin brother. Kukje also has made a very well known brand <font color="green"> tractor </font> for their oversea market.

I did a 2 year search before I bought my tractor starting with the "Big 3". After that I looked at the lesser known tractors. I looked at the Century line after hearing about them on the internet and I am glad I did. The Century is extremely well built, HEAVY, and substantially cheaper than the other brands. The Century 3045 had the exact same diesel engine as the comparable John Deere that I was looking at. I saved from $3000 to $7000 over comparabe "Big 3" brands.

I have been really happy with my 3045. The heavy weight and high lift capacity of the C50hl loader has been impressive.

Those of us that have Century/Branson/Zetors I think will all agree that we are very happy with our decision and had a large amount of $$$ left over compared to other brands. Those of us that have had warranty items have been happy with the work performed and commitment to get things right by the dealers and the company.

Hope this helps a little.

My wifes brother used to sell and repair Zetors in the 1980s and went for training at the manufacturing plant- But it was in Czechoslovakia... these large tractors were all very heavy built 50 hp and larger. I wouldn't mind owning one.