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Jul 31, 2021
Century 3045
Took my Century 3045 to mechanic to work on clutch. He broke the tractor apart and I took clutch to be rebuilt and cleaned. Mechanic then replaced rear main seal leak, and reassembled. Topped off hydraulic fluid and discovered the inner seal on rear end leaking. I ordered inner and outer seals for him to replace. He replaced and reassembled again. Topped off hydrologic fluid and now three point hitch not working. It was working before tractor being worked on. The hitch did have a "burping/bounce" when implements we're in the lifted position before the clutch work? Any ideas? The mechanic has gotten frustrated with it and it's been sitting outside his shop for a while now.
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Is the 3 pt stuck in the highest position? If yes, then check the knob under the seat. This knob controls the down speed of the 3 pt but if fully closed, it will lock the 3 pt so it can't go down but will still let it go up though, unless it reached max height.

Also, have him double or triple check the hydraulic lines from the loader to the rest of the system. Could be that he accidentally swapped two hoses and the fluid goes straight to tank from the loader valve, instead of to the rear remotes and 3 point.
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I went by the mechanic yesterday. The 3 point hitch is down with no pressure on the arms at all. You can lift them very easily. The lift control lever has no resistance as well. The shop manual indicates it may be associated with a spool valve. Any ideas?

The hitch was working before he broke it down to work on the clutch.
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Ok, have him do this test. Put the 3 pt lever to the raised position (all the way back) and then work the loader up/down or bucket curl/dump and see if it raises the 3pt while the loader is being actuated as the same time. This will tell us if at least two of the hydraulic hoses were accidentally swapped.
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I will add that there should not be any resistance lifting the 3pt arms. There is never any down pressure other than weight.
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I had this same problem on a Deere 4400. The o-ring round the pressure relief valve mounted on top of the 3pt valve got off its seat and was crushed when tightened up by it's previous owner. Just enough flow to do short things or motions or jitter. Replaced the o-ring and everything now works good.
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Finally picked up my Century 3045 after a little over a year in the shop. The mechanic is a good guy and a good mechanic, just didn’t make it a priority to get it out.

When I picked it up he said that the problem was an air lock in the hydraulic line to 3-point hitch. He got that out and it started working.
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Having issues again with hydraulics. The 3 point hitch raises extremely slow and the FEL is responding very slowly as well. I just changed hydraulic fluid, filter, and cleaned the screen to see if that would resolve the iss. No luck.

When it was in the shop and the mechanic had this issue with it, he told me that he used a pump up sprayer and forced fluid in the line to push out airin the lines. This seemed to work for a while, but now this. Any ideas on what’s going on?
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Does your tractor have a rear remote valve? If so, make sure it is in the center position.

Also, did this slow down happen all at once or has it been getting slower over time?