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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
Over the fall and winter I built a three point receiver and, as usual, it got out of hand. I started out with a Cat 1 drawbar which didn't work very well because it would rotate and if I loaded the back of a trailer it would float up. I got a 2 inch receiver tube and combined it with the drawbar and some flat bar. I drilled an extra pin hole in the tube so it's reversible. It's Cat 1 standard dimensions but adapted to my quick hitch.

hitch1.JPG hitch2.JPG hitch3.JPG
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I also use this to attach my Cyclone Rake. Background info - The CR has a two pin rigid attachment. The standard hitch is an angle bar that bolts to the back plate of a lawn tractor. Since that won't work with a CUT, they offer a "Cat 0/1" hitch but I was afraid that would not work easily with the quick hitch. So I made a bracket that would pin to the drawbar (green in the first picture) and the CR hitch can bolt to that (the black angle). It was quick and worked well.

cr1.JPG cr2.JPG cr3.JPG
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That is a great idea.
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Finally, to solve the "floating" problem and also give me some ballast weight (I've been using my box blade but that's not ideal), I made some concrete weights I could add to the hitch. I built some that were kind of like suitcase weights. I used coupling nuts to give some points to bolt to and added some cheap garage door handles. They weigh about 60 to 70 lbs each and I can put a total of 6 on the drawbar. I also made a large weight with a 2" tube embedded. It weighs about 250 lbs. The picture shows 4 weights on the bar plus the large one which is about 500 lbs. This is enough to keep the back wheels firmly on the ground with my 2320.

weight1.JPG weight2.JPG weight4.JPG