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Apr 6, 2020
toolcat 5600
2006 tool cat. tilt slowly drifts down with engine off or running. cylinder seals replaced twice shows no damage. Is this a spool problem or could it be relief valve or spool lock valve. anyone replaced either the spool or valves and had success?? thanks coqui
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Mine does the same thing, annoying when mowing. I blame it on the tilt cylinder which shows a small leak.
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Lower the loader so there is no weight on the tilt cylinder. Disconnect the rod end hose for tilt from the valve and cap it off so there are no external leaks. Raise the loader so their is now weight trying to dump the bucket - extend the cylinders. If bucket tilts the cylinders are leaking internally. If bucket does not move then leaking thru the valve.
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Done that and leaking through the valve. question pulled spool it looks ok or could it be a relief or lock valve problem.
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Does that valve have work port relief valves if yes then possible the work port relief is leaking. Same for any load holding valve.

Spool could possibly not be centering properly which could allow some extra leakage from work port to tank.

Have you measured the cylinder movement vs time and then calculated the leakage? Reason for asking is all spool valves leak…question becomes what is normal and acceptable.
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Thanks. valve has 3 load locks and a work port relief plus 2 othe4 port reliefs. You can push on the bucket by hand and it moves steadily down. Maybe I can switch the load locks and isolate the problem further.
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Switched load holding valves, lift and bed cylinde4s no drift. Tilt still falliny