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Feb 7, 2005
Anyone here have any experience in changing the timing belt on the Deutz engine in the 1430? Is is a DIY job? I am thinking it is not but would be nice if it is.
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It is a diy.. you just need the instructions.. good how too vids on utube google deutz 1011-1211 timing belt..
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Yeah! Can't do it without the pins. With them, it is a piece of cake. It is the only engine that I have worked on that seemed to be designed to be serviced.

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Peter, did you do your belt? I am mulling it over on my machine. My rational is that the deutz is an interference engine, although it looks like if you bend a rod (which appears to be the result, no bent valves) they are very easy to replace.
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I haven't done it on my PT. I have a few more hours before I get there. (3000 is the recommended change point on agricultural use.) I watched someone else do one. The two pins align the engine and lock the cam and crank, which makes it easy.

There is a nice video on You Tube from Foley engines, who also Deutz sell parts.

If it were me, I would unbolt the engine cover and tip it over toward the left side to get reasonable access to the timing cover and to the two pin chambers.

The Deutz is an interference engine, but it seems to tolerate timing belt accidents with bent valve push rods, rather than broken pistons. Yes, the replacement is quick. All you might need besides the push rods and bolts is a new valve cover gasket. It is a good excuse to adjust the valve clearance when you are in there.

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Thanks for the responses. Will the engine on the 1430 need to be removed as the larger pulley sits very close to edge and inside the tub?
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Reminds me of the old joke about whether the patient will be able to play the violin after the operation.

Have a look at the video, and see what you think, given the tools that you have. I don't know how much clearance the 1430 has, fore and aft. You need to be able to unbolt the V-belt pulley and pull the cover.

There's Tim's naval method of cutting through the tub to make an access port, doing the repair, and welding it back up again. It all depends on your tools, talents, and time. :laughing: In all seriousness, a single hole large enough to get a socket in, and you would be home free, just rotating the crank enough to bring the next bolt into position.

Take photos when you do it, please! It would be great to see.

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