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Jun 5, 2003
Winchester Va.
Branson 4020
i am getting ready to purchase my Branson 4020 from power eqip. in charlottesville va., i was just comparing prices on LMTC and noticed tire optoins no longer cost extra. does anyone know if this change is company wide or just a special offer from this dealer.
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I bought a tractor from them yesterday. Nothing as nice as a 4020 though. Are you dealing with Kevin or Bill?
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i am dealing with bill. what kind of deal did he make you? i am comparing prices from Roadside Equip. in Winchester Va.,and Bill on the branson. what attachments did you get.
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Dealers can set the prices as they wish as Branson gives us list pricing, but they can't dictate our selling price. There have been some changes recently in the price structure for the dealers. Prices went up a fair bit, but the dealer has different options when buying tires now, and we also have 0% financing available. Many dealers will probably start offering tire options at no extra cost, but the tractor itself is now a little more exepnsive. Overall with the "free tire" option and great financing, the price increase isn't all that much.

I'm being a little vague as I don't think it is appropriate for a dealer to post specifics about dealer costs and pricing on a forum like this. We all have our different sales and marketing methods.

I can recommend LMTC. Wayne is the owner, and is an honest guy with fair prices.