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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
After 8.06 inches of rain this weekend, effectively canceling any work :laughing:, today the sun came out, I got my rake hooked up and the driveway dressed - before and after shots.
At this point, I'm spoiled, hydraulic links are the way to go.
Thanks again to MtnViewRanch for building my HSL.


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David, your place looks great. I would have thought that after 8" of rain that you would have needed to wait more than a day or two to rake the ground though.:confused3: I think that you will find that you will use your HTL more than you expected. :cool2:
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Actually, it had dried up pretty good, I even did some mowing.
Even though we've had a tad over 100 inches this year, we are still considered in a drought.

In the tractor pics the is a concrete bridge to the right by the bananas, during rainy season, I'll seen a small lake at 7AM and dry at 4PM.
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Your place looks amazing! I can't imagine banana trees in the yard, that is awesome. What is the drive made of? It looks like soil as much as anything. I'm amazed after all that rain it was not muddy. Cool pics, thanks for posting.

Oh ya, HTL, I'm envious!
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Thanks Jimmy

The driveways are actually old cane haul roads. Main reason I can't use a boxblade to dress. I tried once and just kept hitting boulders. Even the rake will loosen some 4-6 inchers. I've added 6 truckloads (about 15 ton each) of 3/4" base over the last 4 years. Would like to add more, but at $500 a pop, I manage to find other priorities. It does have a tendency to drift downhill with the rains so a couple times a year I rake it back up.
I've never raked the drive in the pics with the bananas. We have concrete from the house to the makai (ocean) side of the bridge. All I need is an extra $15k to concrete from there to my gate.

The HSL will get it's workout :)
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....about 15 ton each of 3/4" base over the last 4 years. Would like to add more, but at $500 a pop...
Wow, remind me to never complain about gravel prices... I get 19 tons for $250 :confused2: