Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

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A big pickup, Tesla, and modified Mustang!?!? It’s true - everybody in CA must be a gazillionaire…..
And his wife has Lexus's biggest SUV.

They told us when they bought that this was just their temporary home while they waited for something more grand to become available. Now a couple of years later they found, and are putting months of major remodel into, a showplace home that finally came on the market. Everything on that street is over $1.5m, highest per Zillow is $2.67m. I won't be surprised if their remodel there is a $0.25M or more project considering how long its been going on.

I think the neighbor's dad is a commercial-construction contractor, and neighbor has a guaranteed job with him. Bah, rich people's kids! The rest of us on the street are more modest - retired state workers for example. I wonder if my 2005 and 1999 vehicles parked out front embarrass him.

We shuttle between home and the ranch (orchard) 100 miles west, continually. But with gas prices rising an EV will be our next vehicle for making the trip.
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I agree. I previously mentioned, either here or in another thread, how it would be nice to hear from Bolt owners. That car seems more geared toward the average Joe. I can easily see myself picking one up next spring, after the winter ice has mostly gone.
I'm leaning toward a hybrid Maverick, but have 9 months to look around.
I don't have a Bolt, but based on your comment about the Bolt, I started researching them. They do make a compelling argument for an around town grocery getter rather than taking my 12mpg truck. Now I just need to find one to test drive.
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Thread closed. Too many people do not have the honor to abide by the rules they agreed to when they registered.

@ljjhouser - Not to mention, unless there are electric tractors, this discussion does not belong here.

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