Too much trans/hydraulic fluid??

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Since that dipstick looks straight the first thing I would do is establish what depth is to the oil now since you know what you have put in. Then use that information as a guide for what 200 - 230 mm dimensions would represent.

Certainly seems like the existing dipstick is a tad short at estimated 60 - 75 mm
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Thank you oldnslo. I’ll get to it tomorrow and let you know how it goes. My biggest worry will be not having enough fluid in there. I wanted to change the fluid again after maybe only 20 hours or so to get the rest of that hydraulic fluid out. When I do I’ll only put the 9.5 gallons in and mark that level, but do you think the loader will have any impact at all on what the level should be?
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Awesome dude, thanks!
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The loader should have little to no impact on the oil level. The loader would only affect the level if loader was fully raised since you would use some oil to fill the lift cylinders. With loader lowered and stationary the oil level would be same or similar to no loader installed.
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shoved a stainless tig welding rod down there and it was about 165mm from where the rubber stopper should go. Maybe about an inch higher than I think it should be.
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How many filter did you change? I have two filters for the tranny etc
and they are not small
Also I find that when you change the filters the amount of fluid is not
included in the capacity listed

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I’m pretty sure there’s only one hydraulic filter. It’s more of a metal screen than a filter I’d say. Think it’s called a strainer? Anyways I changed that, the oil filter, and the fuel filter. I tried to change the air filter but the part I ordered didn’t fit so that’s coming. Do you happen to know if napa or wix makes an air filter that would fit?
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Give us the oem part number. Can’t help much without it…🥴
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So I reached out to two people on Craigslist who were selling the bolens g274 and they sent me pictures of their dipsticks. They’re pretty similar but there is some discrepancy between them. Looks like the rubber piece at the top can slide up and down which makes the stick either longer or shorter. I might just split the difference between them and call it a day with my fingers crossed when I put some serious hours on the thing. Just wanted to share the photos in case anyone else is searching


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