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Sep 23, 2001
Southwest Va
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Has anyone found a location and toolbox that will work on the new cab series (3000 or 4000)? I've looked all over it and can't seem to find a good location that won't interfere with something. About the only place I've found is on the grill guard. But I really don't like that location for several reasons.

I normally like to carry a hammer, some drifts, pins, screw drivers, adjustable wrenches, etc. Not a lot, but things that I need when I'm out working. All of this fit in the fender toolbox on my old 4400. I prefer to have something near the rear of the tractor, as that is where I need it most. If I can't find some place to mount it outside, I may try to find a small toolbox and just carry it in the cab. Not a big deal, but not as easy to get to as outside.

I hope someone has addressed this for me /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Thanks in advance,
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Shoot, with a cab isn't the whole thing a toolbox? Just hang some pegboard all around the inside!

Just kidding of course, mostly I'm expressing my envy over your cab tractor /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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Nice /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

Well, I tried that also and everything keeps slipping off of my peg hooks. I have to wear steel toed boots and a hard hat!

I guess it is just too hilly around here. Might work out in the midwest...

Thanks though Rob. I don't have anything to envy. I just don't have much sense!
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My 5525 has a toolbox mounted on the rigth side of the FEL mount. Perhaps there is one coming or you can fabricate one.

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My TLB 110 has the same problem.

I called the dealer and asked -- nothing. I told him it really needed a "bustle" like they used to use on cannon in the civil war.

The best I have been able to do is to hang a carpenter's tool pouch from the top of the ROPS/FOPS. Shorten up the strap & attach to the top with black plastic wire ties. Then another wire tie to hold it to one side. If I arrange it just right, the hammer handle stays out of the way and doesn't whack me in the head.

The other side has a handhold welded on to the ROPS and that is a convenient place to hang an old rag for those times when I have to work with something greasy.

Sure, the whole thing now looks like a rolling clothesline, but the tools are there. /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif
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Thanks guys for the advice and opinions.

The loader might be an option. Although, I'm without the loader 60% of time. But if it is off, it is in the shed where I might need the tools.

Actually, a tool belt is a good idea also, I might consider that.

Thanks again,
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My uncle used to believe that the cab floor was a great place to keep tools. I hated it no place for your feet.
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I've got a 3720 Cab model and carry tools on the left and right of the raised floor next to the seat. Best place I've found so far. The right side has the most room. I'm planning to mount a narrow tray to hold tools in that spot.
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I mounted a tool box (ammo box) on my I-match quick hitch using bolts that wrap around the I-match frame. Thought I had posted some pictures but could not find them.

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That is most likely what I'll do. Maybe a tray or small plastic toolbox. Just no where else for me to put it. Chuck, I don't have the iMatch but that would be a good location if I did.

I was looking again this evening and it almost looks like Deere could have put something in the right fender, back at the rear of it. It could have been as deep as the one on my 4400 and still not take up any more fenderwell than the fuel tank does on the left side. It would be small, but would hold something. But, they didn't and here we are.

Thanks again for the suggestions. I think the small box/tray in the cab will do.