Top Dresser, Compost Spreader Needed

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Nov 2, 2014
Laplata, MD
Kubota LX3310
I’d like a top dresser to spread compost, screened top soil, sand, etc. to my 1 acre manicured lawn. I’m open to ground drive, PTO etc.. I have a JD 380x lawn tractor and Kubota LX3310 but leaning more toward something I can pull with the JD so I can load the hopper with my Kubota FEL. Any suggestions? Getting too old to spread several yards by hand. Thanks
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Check with golf courses in your area... They sometimes have surplus Turfco and other brands of top spreaders that have been replaced with updated models.. Years ago in my tool and die shop, I did some proto type work for Turfco... At the time they were supposedly among the best at supporting older equipment..