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The never-ending battle to eradicate hedge trees from the property had me cutting and chipping yesterday. I have about 6 months worth of logs to be hauled off and my chip piles are overflowing...




I really hate hedge trees.....
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I like your chip box , might have to make something similar!
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Finally took down the ugly half-dead tree on the corner of the orchard (I haven't the slightest idea what it was, all I know is it was a broad leaf something) . Don't have any pictures as my buddy and I were in a rush however there was a serious appreciation of the grapple. Several times I would grab a couple of limbs and would find my buddy smiling and shaking his head, rueing the days when that was all hand work!

But, it's down, in pieces, and in a woodshed drying out for later use. I think it looks better already and now the apple trees don't have to compete with it for sunlight and water.
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I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to figure out how much faster and easier it is to chip everything right from where it lays, rather than pick it up, carry it to a pile unload it and then chip from a central location.

It also makes it extremely easy to distribute the chips around tree rings - just pull up adjacent to the tree, pull the sideboard off, then rake the chips out of the box and around the tree.

That box is about 5 x 3 x 3 and I can chip for at least 2 hours nonstop before it's full. By that time, I'm ready for a break anyway....

It is also handy for collecting leaves or grass clippings. In the fall, I park it in a central location and pick up leaves with my lawn tractor/bagger. Can empty about 12 times into the box before needing to make a run to the compost pile.
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Pretty handy box Runner (y) (y) I have a little dump trailer I use the same way but your box is better. I have to take off the chipper to move the trailer.

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Front quick hitch is the shizzle for moving the carryall around....


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^^^^ I couldn't resist after that. Now I feel educated.

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We had a good steady rain this afternoon, so I finally got to use my splitter shed. It worked pretty good. I was able to split a bucket load and stack it in the woodshed, in about 40 minutes, all while staying very dry.

I patched up the canopy top on my loader tractor, with a combination of Flex-seal and Gorilla tape, before I put it back on last week. That kept the seat dry while it was parked outside to load and unload. The wide overhang on the woodshed kept me dry as I unloaded and stacked.

It looks like I’ll be needing to add a little air to those front tires on the John Deere. I loaded the bucket pretty heavy, so that I could fit it all on one load, because I was a little pressed for time.

It’s kind of cool, how what was formerly my least favorite part of making firewood (stacking it), is now my favorite part. There’s nothing worse than stacking firewood outside, except maybe unstacking it, in the winter when it’s covered with snow. That new woodshed made all the difference.