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Don’t plan to do any mowing with it anyway actually at this time I can’t think of anything that I will ever hook up to the pto. I want it for the loader, back blade, and to haul a trailer around the property for fire wood.

The one common complaint I see on these boards is "I shudda gone bigger" and we see people trading up one size or more. With the minimal price difference, I felt going to the 125 was a no brainer.
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Ok. As tested with a strong magnet on my RK24...............

Cast Steel........................
All front axle housing sections.
Main engine block.
Exhaust manifold.
Main HST case.
Draw bar bracketry.

Cast Aluminum.........................
Cylinder head.
Timing housing.
Housing that hydraulic pump bolts to.
Fuel pump housing.
Fuel filter tops.
HST nose cone (just behind HST fan).
HST side cones/covers around axles.
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The RK19 is Alum, I promise.


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That is somewhat funny considering that LS uses aluminum rear axle housings in some or their tractors. Either way, Google turns up nothing in the way of complaints about the axle housing on the RK 19 or it's TYM T194 and Branson 1905 siblings.
Really? What documentation do you have for that? There is no supporting info for this statement. Even the smallest LS (MT122) has a cast trans and axle housing......