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Jan 18, 2004
east TN
Power-trac 422 2003 model and 428 January 2015 model
I am seriously thinking about building a Trencher for my 422. If some one could post some pics of theirs I would really appreciate it. Also does any one know of a site that makes generic trenchers. Any advice about building a trencher? Thanks Guys you all have always been very helpful in coming up with good ideas.
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OK Mac. Do you have a Trencher? I don't really need one that bad I just got into building things for the PT this winter and it has just been like a hobby. I don't know whitch I like most building things for the PT or using them. I just finished making a ripper and need another project to start on.
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I'll be interested in what you guys come up with as I have couple of potential projects involving burrying power lines in hard rocky terrain where I may not be able to get larger or less slope-stable rental machine into. I would need to go deeper than PTs wheel trencher and I think the ground is too tough for the chain type.
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Yes i have a trencher and have used mine for many hours. I would have been better off to have rented one insteasdde of buying mine. It just sits in the shed taking up room. If you are close and want to see and work with it just let me know.
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That would be great mac and it would be nice to meet a fellow PT owner too. As i said I live near Baileyton along the interstate. We have 5 catfish ponds and 40 acers on the side of the road (horton Hwy) I live on. We will have to get together.
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we live within 20 miles or less of each other and this is my slow time of year, let me know, 7870192, let me know.
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Tractors, beer and a fish fry.... what could better?? Too bad I live a few states away. Raise a can or a fork for the rest of us envious folks.
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Thanks rip I’m going to give him a call next week. Hope we can talk power-trac, fish and maybe some green housing. If you are ever coming on Interstate 81 and pass exit 30 and 36 swing by and see us. You can get off at one of the exits, swing by my house and get back on at the other (witch ever way you are going). The cell tower that sits on the north side of the interstate is on our property near the ponds.