Trying to locate my family’s 630 John Deere

   / Trying to locate my family’s 630 John Deere #1  

Ronnie B

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Jan 13, 2024
630 John Deere

Please HELP!!!!
$100 Reward for location, current owners contact information.
1960 John Deere 630

I’m looking for a tractor that was in my family for 4 generations however I had to sell it approximately 9 years ago.
I’ve kicked myself in the back side ever since. (I want it back to give to my son)

I would appreciate it very much if you would ask around and send this message out to anyone that owns or has ever owned any old tractors.
I don’t know what else to do so please help. The series 630
Serial number 6317349
Should be easy to identify if it has not been repainted. The numbers were installed improperly. Proper installation 630, improperly installation. 6


0 Refer to pictures


I have talked to the person that bought the tractor from me and it was sold again to a farmer possibly in Rolla Missouri. Please if you know anyone in or around ROLLA MISSOURI PLEASE ask them to share this information.

In case it’s not in Rolla please keep an eye out and share everywhere. Thank you!
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   / Trying to locate my family’s 630 John Deere #2  
I know the feeling. My Pa sold the family 8N years ago when I was in HS. Wish I had t today.

Often trike tractors are more for show and parades and not used heavily on farms anymore. It's been over two decades since seeing one out in the field doing row crop work.

Keep up the search. (y)