Tubes vs Tubeless

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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
What are the pros and cons to using innertubes in your tires versus tubeless? I put a new tire on an old wheel and now have a slow leak. I have taken it off and clean and light sanded the wheel. Looks like I will put a tube in it and be done with it.
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Can't say for your machine. For me it reduces flats, easier to run low low pressure.

Problems - Valve Stems are super tricky, a flat is expensive (tubes are not cheap and by the time you catch it, at least for me, the tube is beyond patching. No one will patch a tube (don't get me started).
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after repeatedly getting flats the first couple of months of ownership I installed gemplers bulletproof sealant in all my tires in 2005 and haven't had a flat since........Jack
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I really wish PT would offer valve stem protection on the rims from the factory. Just a simple weld on guard. I've found locals will do the valve stem replacement for 10...but it's a but it is a hassle.

I wind up with tubes when the tire and our rim start getting leaky. I've had good luck with plugs (tire) when needed.

Currently in trying to find a solid tire option in the pt425 and pt 1850 sizes. Preferably something with the suspension type internals... Not just solid....

Sizing is not very diverse yet... Mostly skid steer.

In short, I start with tubeless tires and wind up with plugs, tubes and new stems.
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Somewhere, I posted using the flush mount valve stems. A huge +1 on the Gempler's Bullet Proof Sealant. I have never even added air to my tires since I put it in - tubeless setup.

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I've spun several tires off the rims on my 425. I started tubing them after that. I think 2-3 are currently tubed. Haven't had any problems since tubing them.

I think running at low pressure tends to add to the problem of slipping the tubeless tires on the rims and popping the seal.