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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
Yep, looks just like Bugs Bunny was tunneling around and of course ground is all soft where it is raised. Thankfully they aren't in our yard, but I know people who have them and cannot seem to get rid of them regardless of what they try. Any suggestions?
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Seek and destroy is the only thing that has worked for me. Watch for areas they are working in, smash down all the tunnels, and then make repeated trips back to that area until I see them working it again. Then the 12 ga. does the rest.
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My experience in order of efficiency:

1. Hungry Outdoor Cats (Hard to do if your dog hates cats).
2. Rodenator (Expensive)
3. Traps (PITA)
4. Shotgun (Not Neighbor Friendly)
5. Castor Oil (Expensive)
6. Just rake down the mole hills as they pop up (Works pretty good actually).

Currently, I'm just resigned to number 3 and 6 - probably more of number 6 as the trap setting gets to be tedious.

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i've tried all sorts of poison, with no luck, but have had the trap that jabs spikes into the ground, and the mole, work the only two times i have tried it: look for the freshest raised tunnels, usually ones that come to an end: go back a couple feet and push the ground down, and set the trap on top of the pushed in dirt: when the mole starts raising the ground at that spot, it triggers the spikes and puts an end to that problem.
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I don't know if this is an old wives tale or not, never tried it. I heard that Juicy Fruit gum will kill moles. I heard that you roll it up like a stick and poke it in a fresh run. The mole will eat the gum and they can't digest it. This would be inexpensive if it works. Try it and let us know.
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I've only killed three or four this year, I believe, due to the drought. The three or four years begore that I killed over 150, total. This is on a one acre piece of property. The best method to control them is with traps. I use the Victor out O sight mole traps almost exclusively. They can be purchased for about $12.00 and really work. The mistake most people make is trying to trap them at the mounds. This rarely works because the mounds are where the tunnels end. The mole is pushing excess dirt UP out of his tunnel and will rarely be caught by a trap. You have to locate the mole's main tunnels. The large, single tunnels that take them between feeding areas. Use the heel of your foot to press down ACROSS the tunnels every 10' or so. Check them twice a day. The heel marks that pop back up consistantly are the main tunnels. Set the traps at those heal marks. Once your property is clear of them, try and locate where they are coming on to your property and trap those tunnels all year at the property line. Moles are solitary, except for mating season, and they are also opportunistic, meaning they would rather use another mole's tunnels than dig their own. I have had great success with this method and these particular traps.

A hint for sandy soil... the sand tends to fall away from the trap trigger and the mole gets by undetected... use a ball canning jar lid pop riveted to the trigger of the trap to enlarge the area of the trigger. Works wonders and increases chances of setting it off. So does a small piece of sod under the trigger.

For really good advice, visit www.themoleman.com . He taught me everything I know about moles. /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
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Jack Russell terrier is a good hole hunter.
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i've never seen that type trap, but will sure look for one: these little critters can sure mess up a lot of pasture/yard.