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Thanks for the heads up.

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Very Nice.
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Will be very happy to see it up and running! Last year I purchased a hydraulic pump for my old Bolens Diesel from these folks at a very good price, so will look forward to TYM support in the future.
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update 10/17/2011- it looks like they have the parts manuals online but you still have to call to check pricing and place and order.
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Good deal!
Thanks Myyaz33 for keeping us all up to date.
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Hey guys anybody order from them yet?
Just wondering I need some filters.
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I bought all my filters for my 433 from them this past spring, all was good.

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Did you get TYM filters of aftermarket? I got an email today from James quoting both aftermarket and TYM engine oil filters. I am not sure who makes the aftermarket.
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The ones I received were stamped TYM.