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Mar 19, 2005
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I was wondering today, what type of rear remotes does everybody have? When I say what type, what I mean is, how many positions and do they have detents? Do you have 3 position ( up, closed, down ) or 4 position ( up, closed, down, float)? Do your valves have detents to hold control levers in place, automatic shut off at end of stroke? From what I've seen, it seems that the 3 position is the most common. So what type of remote do you have and how have they worked out for you?
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Just about all factory remotes have 3 positions, no float, no detent and have the the work ports blocked when in neutral position. Some manufacturers (Kubota that I know of) offer a valve with float. To get any of the other features you mentioned you have to go to an externally mounted configurable and stackable spool valve like the Prince SV for CUTs where you have about 15 different spool options or the Gressen for larger Ag tractors with 5 or 6 spool options.
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The three rear remotes on the M tractor has two valves with float and one without. Float is usefull when pulling batwing mower so the decks can float with the contours of the ground
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MadReferee said:
Just about all factory remotes have 3 positions, no float, no detent and have the the work ports blocked when in neutral position.

tis the way my TC ones work.... push it down let go it springs back shuts off flow. pull up reverse flow.. let go springs back shuts off flow.

for instance...
to use rear log splitter you must bungie one up/down to keep continous flow for the flow control valve on the spliter....
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On the m7040 there are two types of remote valves.
  • Double acting valve (3-position) with detents and self-cancelling:
  • Double acting valve with float position: (4-position)

When in the detent mode the lever stays in position until the pressure in the cylinder reaches a certain pressure or the end of its stroke and then returns to neutral.
In float position the cylinder is free to retract and extend.

I'll need to ask my dealer about my set-up with when all three remotes are installed. Right now I have one of each. According to m7040's post above it looks like I'll have two with float position and one with detents and self-cancelling.
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What would be the cut off size ( HP size ) that the remotes change from 3 position to 4 position? Does anybody have detents on their factory 3 position valves? All my rear valves on my 7520 are 4 position detent. I've been thinking about getting another tractor in the 60"-66"wide range and was wondering if any tractors of that size had remotes with detents and or float positions. This could possibly point me in a direction to look. I know that that is not a sole reason to purchase a tractor, but at this time I am not sold on any one particular make or model of this size. Some of the tractors that I have looked at either have the 3 position valves with no detents or no valves at all. :eek:

Just trying to get some additional information.:confused:
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I am mostly familiar with the Kubota tractors. The Kubota Grand L series tractors have factory remotes with float detent as an option. The Kubota M series has several different options as was mentioned earlier.