Universal remote 4 coupler ROPS mount ?

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Oct 12, 2022
Montana, USA
Deere 5220, Ford 1720, Deere Progator 2030
Hello all,

I'm adding 2 remotes on a compact tractor and went looking for a universal 4 hole coupler mounting bracket that mounts to the ROPS or can be modified to do so.

I would think that such a thing would be a common item, but I'm not finding anything? I see a few 2 coupler mounts but I need a 4 hole.

I could certainly fabricate something which may be the direction I need to go, but duplicating a mass produced plate in the $20-50 range would not be worth my fabrication time.

Does anybody know of such an animal?
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I think my 4052R Deere came with what you are asking for??

It is between the light, and the ROPS

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Call around to local metal fabricating shops, if there aren’t any close, call a local welding and steel supply to see if they know of any. There aren’t any metal fabricating shops where I live, but there are three small businesses, and a couple of individuals who have hydraulic metal working machines with dies to punch different sized holes, and shears and brakes to cut and bend sheet metal. And if I went to any of them with the fittings I want to mount, and a bent up piece of cardboard, they would crank out a mounting plate for me. Two of them would probably just turn me loose on their equipment.