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Jun 7, 2017
Vernon, NY
Kubota BX2200
For those that know, I bought a nice Woodmaxx FM-62 flail mower this summer and have been using it on my BX2200. Works great and does what it needs to do in that regard. It is a very reliable tractor and has always been there for me no matter what I've put it through. I've got about 1400 hours on it right now. Always change the lubes and check everything at it's scheduled times as Kubota suggests per the service manual and owners manual. Doesn't use a lick of oil or coolant and have rectified any front axle leaks this model is notorious for. So I am dedicated to Kubota. Not to mention there are a number of Kubota dealers in my area, which make it very easy for me to get parts quickly. More than I can say for any other manufacturer.

However, as I mentioned when I bought the flail mower, I am planning on upgrading my tractor in the near future. About 15 or so months out. Something like a truck or tractor I need to seriously think about before laying out my hard-earned cash on. Get folks opinions and find out what is right for my needs.

When I was at one of my local Kubota dealers picking up a part and having a hydraulic hose made, while I was waiting, I browsed around outside at their new and used inventory. One of the friendly salesmen asked if I needed help, but reluctantly said no thanks. Merely because I didn't want to waste his time on something I am not going to purchasing several months out. As I was driving home to work on my BX, I though, hmm, maybe I should've asked.

In any event, they had on yard a B2350, L4701, and a L6060 Cab. Along with a whole bunch of BX models. It was almost like the size tractor went from subcompact BX & B, to utility tractor/farm tractor. Now mind you, this was only what one local dealer had. I have many to pick from or when time comes, I will probably order in the config I want. I know the rest of my local dealers have way more to show on yard.

I don't have an unlimited amount of funds to spend on a tractor (even though that L6060 put a smile on my face -- yet completely unnecessary for my application, along with sticker shock when I saw the price). My spending limit is no more than ~$30k with tax, delivery, etc.

So to get to the meat of applications for my current BX2200 tractor:

Finish mow ~6 acres once to twice a week with very light brush cutting (usually no saplings/rocks) with the 60" MMM. (I am looking at getting more land down the road, so it might double in size)
Tow my double-axle flatbed occasionally filled with lumber for building projects.
Use my 62" flail mower to finish mow my lawn when my MMM decides to leave streaks or I use it mulch up the clumps the MMM leaves behind.
Lots of loader work -- turning my compost and dirt heaps, using my pallet forks for pallets, tree cutting, etc.
4' Box Blade for fixing my driveway after winter, and leveling topsoil.
Use my subsoiler to break up tough rock-laiden clay soil.
5' Snow blower

Eventually I want to get (AKA my wishlist):
4' or 5' rotary tiller
72" KingKutter Finish mower (yeah, I got the flail, but I want a second mower, kind of got accustomed to the MMM and flail combo)
4' or 5' Brushhog
Front and Rear Remotes
Hydraulic Fed Wood Shredder
~8' Backhoe attachment -- I would really need a very good reason to be allowed to buy that...
I'm sure I will eventually find something else I compulsively need to add to my arsenal of attachments

While look around today in my boredom/much needed break (got all my yard-work done to where I am happy for this weekend), I was browsing around on Kubota's website and looking at tractordata.com comparing the new models.

From what I can tell, the B series is only a small amount better than the BX series in terms of weight.

So here's my findings:
BX2200 - 1600 lbs <-- Though my service manual says 1301 lbs -- the machine I got now
B3350 - 1896 lbs <-- Not fond that it is a Turbo Diesel (more parts to break)
L3301 - 2778 lbs
L3901 - 2778 lbs <-- Tractor Data must have something messed up... how can it weigh the same as the lower model? Probably ~2900-3100 lbs realistic
L4701 - 3307 lbs

*Yes -- these are weights without the loader!*

So, with that being said, probably my most heavy implements are going to be a tiller, flail mower and possibly the finish mower. Less the backhoe, but that's different animal all to itself.

How many hours do I spend on the tractor per week? ~4-6 hours per week during the nice months. During the winter, there are some years I have never bother to use it because it would be silly to push 2" of snow that I can easily do with my walk behind snowblower (plus it's good exercise).

It's funny... I keep my tractor and all my implements locked inside a temperature controlled building with a security system. So my equipment can last forever since it's stored inside and well maintained. My hopes is that this tractor will be the last one I will need to buy.

What I need is some advice... what would be a good tractor to upgrade to, without it being too big where its going to tear up my yard?

I am leaning towards the L3301 or the L3901 series ROPS with HST, turf tires and FEL loader. Or is that too big?

What's everyone else opinion?

And thanks for anyone's input on this...
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If I get to spend your money, here are my picks:

Grand L3560
Kioti CK3501 (not Kubota but still orange!)
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Go with 35-40 hp and FEL 4x4.
Skip the backhoe. You can always rent one or buy a towable unit, I have one, very useful. You leave it there until the job is done and your tractor is freed up.
My 30 hp easily handles a 5' tiller and 5' bush hog.

Enjoy. Brand names that are popular cost more. LS looks good to me, Plenty of good tractors. I think I trust Japan and Korea for tractors more than I do India and China.

Enjoy the purchase.

- You are in NY, get a cab for the snow!
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L3301 and L3901 are identical except for engine/power, so their weight is very close if not the same.
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L3301 and L3901 are identical except for engine/power, so their weight is very close if not the same.
Yup, exactly the same other than minor engine/RPM & gear tweaks for more power. The L3301 is the same as my old L3200, other than emissions stuff. The L2501 is the same as the L3200 only with engine tweaks to avoid emissions stuff (I hear it actually punches above it's HP rating).

My L3200 was good for my 5 acres & I'd recommend it for 5-10 acres. I upgraded to a L4060hstc for the cab more than the extra HP & weight. I was tired of dust, heat & cold as I'm doing mowing & mowing as a side gig as well now.

Weight matters most of all when doing loader work or ground engaging stuff like pulling a box blade or subsoiler. A 25hp L will do far more work than a 30hp B in those scenarios.

The narrowest an economy L with R4s will go is 60". R1s might be a bit narrower, but I wouldn't want that narrow due to stability. You don't want a mower, box blade, or most other impliment that is narrower than your track.
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Oh and HP matters for mowing, tilling & other PTO work. I ran a 7' old Ford 917 flail behind my L3200 (32hp, 25pto) I was HP limited 20-35% of the time, usually on Yucca or heavy tall grass, the rest of the time my reaction time or rough terrain was the limiting factor. Same flail on my new 40hp machine is HP limited around 15% of the time tops. Both machines are/were generally HP limited tilling with the 5' King Kutter tiller but not horribly so.

Go for the L3901 if you have lots of PTO work to do or do lots of roading, otherwise a L3301 will cut it. If you are cheap & not in a rush a L2501 might cut it.
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Thanks for everyone's input on this. I am more leaning towards the L series after doing some reading. Might go with either the L3901/L3301.

As far as the cab -- I'd love a cab for A/C and heat, but I cannot justify it. Not to mention my luck I'd be breaking it's windows with my trees.
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L3901 is a great machine!!!!!

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If I get to spend your money, here are my picks:

Grand L3560
Kioti CK3501 (not Kubota but still orange!)

+1 on the grand series especially if going HST. The grand series is much nicer and the HST+ is the single best improvement.
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It would be hard to give up the BX, Having a BX2230 and a Grand L3130, they both have the tasks that they do well and compliment each other. Use the L3130 for heavy dirt work and trees, Brush Hogging and the BX2230 does the mowing, spray tank and the fine grading, rototilling stuff.