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Feb 15, 2005
Western PA
Kubota B1750, traded, L3010 sold, B2920, Mahindra eMax 25
I found a used B3030 with just over 100 hours, 2007 model year, does anyone know of problems with that model?
Has 63" front mount snow blower, does this get powered by mid-mount take off, and can mid-mount deck be added without problems?
Thanks in advance.
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No real problems...... I've heard people say they think the B3030 vibrates. Mine doesn't...... but my car is an F350 not a Benz, so.......

The front blower does run off the mid PTO, and Kubota makes a 60 inch, and a 72 inch mid mount mower deck for the B3030.

Mine only has three hundred some-odd hours, but it has been trouble free. I think you'll find it has plenty of power for it's size, and its comfy to operate.