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Mar 16, 2003
Beaverton, Oregon
JD318, Power-Trac PT425 with scuffed-up green paint.
Hi guys,

I have an opportunity to purchase a JD318 with 33" hydraulic tiller, 50" deck with Power-Flo bagger and a rotary broom. It is in excellent condition, has been stored inside, but has unknown hours on it.

In your esteemed opinion, what would this be worth, in combination and separately?


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Around here, if the motor is in good shape compression and oil leak -wise, and no other significant issues, that combo would go for at least $4000. If things are really clean I could see as much as $5000.

(and in my opinion compared to new stuff at the same price, be completely worth it!) /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif

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Hi Rob

I was looking at them this spring and tractor and mower were around 2500 to 3000 with a blower so I would think 3000 to 4000 would be a good deal with those attachments, maybe even a bit more if it is really clean. The only unknown is the engine. It seems most of em with 1000 to 1200 hours had new engines, I know a lot of em go longer and some less but if you think it has close to 1000 hours on it you may need an engine in the future. If the rest of the tractor is in good shape as you say it is, then it is certainly worth putting an engine in it, just factor it into what you are paying.

Good luck
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the valuable responses. I just returned from seeing the unit. It is a 1987, with 1330 hours. The original owner just passed away, and the son is selling it. It was purchased new in 1987, and received routine maintenance. Everything is original.

Sorry to say, it is NOT in pristine condition. Although straight and original, it needs some paint, and the charging light is on (don't know what's wrong), the hydro is not working properly (it creeps when in neutral, and seems to need adjustment), and the brakes need adjustment as well. Turns out the person selling it is representing the son, and didn't realize the difference between a tow-behind sweeper and a rotary broom. Suffice to say, it is a tow-behind, so that is a negative.

It has a 46" deck, NOT a 50", but the tiller and power-flo ARE in pristine condition. It does have the rear PTO and all the mounting hardware.

It starts, it runs, it feels like it needs a lot of adjustment, and the charging light is on.

I know that if it needed a new stator for the charging circuit, that would be about $400 to fix, and of course, a new engine is around $1000. I did not make an offer on it, and I suspect I am the only person to give it a serious look thus far. The owner called me from a couple of hundred miles away after he heard I came to look at it, and listened to all I said. In summary, I said that there are a lot of unknowns - what repairs does the charging circuit require? What condition is the engine in? Does the hydro simply need adjustment or does it need repair? Does the braking system need adjustment or repair? I told him I wanted a pristine machine, nor a refurbishment unit.

He said he would let the ad run, and give me a call if it doesn't move.

What do you guys think?



PS. The tractor showed obvious signs of haphazard maintenance. For example, the oil is WAY over-full. Also, I took off the air cleaner cover, and noticed a nut missing that keeps the air cleaner firmly sealed to the carb horn - the carb actually showed grass (and probably not a little dirt) inside the chamber! /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif Nonetheless, it didn't smoke and it started easily. I have grave concerns as to how much longevity is left. The rest of the tractor showed regular wear, no abuse noted.
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The engine has a good Onan engine and they last forever. I see a fair number of the older 300 series at work and I always mow with one. They take a lot of abuse. I don't think that the overfilling of the oil can be that good for the engine and the tractor seems to need some work. I would not buy it even though they are rare. I would wait for a little better one. Unless he will take 1,000 for it might be work the repairs as they are a very good unit. They hydro would just need adjustment. Was it leaking at all? These tractors like to leak from the tranny at least the ones I see do. Might be a good buy if you know you can fix everything if not I would wait. Good luck.