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Goeduck, what aren't you in love with on your new Massey?

My 2605H has a Simpson engine, which I understand is a licensed copy of a Perkins. I only have about 110 hours on the machine, so I don't have a strong opinion of the engine yet, it starts, and runs without an issue, but I expect no less from any engine. It seems easy on fuel, but that's just a "feeling", I have not checked hours vs usage.
I guess I stated that poorly. I meant my Masseys are not new. But I love them nonetheless. (y)
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Think I would have ended angle with a sleeve so valve stem was still accessible with out having to remove anything....


I'm not sure what you mean about a sleeve, or how it would fasten, and be removable. I can have any one of these off in a few minutes including getting the wrench.

I had to limp out of the woods on 3 wheels twice before I was smart enough to put on some valve stem protection. I didn't want to dismount the tire to weld either so I made a sandwich clamp affair thru one of those moon cut-outs with a piece of pipe welded to it. Those you made should work good for you M convert.

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This concept is what I was trying to suggest way back in post #4....
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There are very low profile valve stems available that are only about 3/4" tall and all metal. Not bullit bullet proof but certainly many times better than a rubber pull through. But unlike your unique solution, you'll need to at least break the bead to install it from the inside. At that point you may as well weld a cup on the wheel.
Very clever solutions you and Gordon have 👍