Vented non fuel jugs.

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I purchase my oil in the T6 2.5 gal jug and when empty
they become diesel containers painted YELLOW!
Very cheap containers and every time I change oil
I get some more free diesel conatiners

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OP here. I’m a little on the fence on these fuel cans now after using one for a while. They come with a hose but it’s not very flexible and too long. Amazon sells these plastic elbows that you can slip on the hose to put a bend in it. I’ll see if that helps.
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My Toolcat (pictured) and RTV900 had fill openings that are on the side of the equipment (like a car). It was difficult to fill with a jug until I bought this Scribner funnel. Now the large opening jugs are the ones of choice.

Funnel 001_1.JPG
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I’ve got a big funnel but on my tractor it’s on the rear of the tractor on the side fairly high up. It’s awkward with ultra super duper safe jugs because they are slow. With a large funnel and the new jug I’d have to lift even higher to get over the top of the funnel.
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This is the device I got to put a bend in the spout. Of course I needed one but it came in a two pack. Like I mentioned earlier heat things up with a heat gun the hose isn’t very flexible otherwise.
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I have two of these. But I’m getting to the age where they are getting heavy to lift to the hood of the tractor. Does anyone use a hand rotary pump with these tanks?
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edwardo why not put the can on the tire and use
a battery powered pump? Tire in wrong place?
Or use the T6 empty oil jugs smaller lighter cheap

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So I bought a vented non fuel jug today. As best I can tell it can be used for fuel other than the fact it has the old style vent cap you can loosen to let air in. Any reason to not use these for diesel? The one I bought is like the picture below except it’s yellow. I of course wouldn’t use it for fuel since it says not to. ;)
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Use for diesel and get the following from
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6.99 with the coupon until 5/12/24