Vermeer 504SI Questions



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May 16, 2012
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I finished baling 116 bales yesterday/today with my 504SI. It went pretty well until the last 20 or so bales. I struggled through and got finished but man was it annoying. It would not cut the strings. The problem was/is that the twine arm was not hitting the plunger that brings the blades down to make the cut. I will try to explain what I am seeing in a way that makes sense. I am going to reference things as if you are facing the front of the baler standing at the tongue.

This is a twin tie baler and the twine arm that pivots from the left side has a square pad that pushed the cutter plunger. The arm is going over the plunger. However, (and this has been going on for a while) when the arms are extended into the pickup the left arm is in the path of the pickup teeth pretty hard initially. So the arm is too low when extended and too high when retracted. The right arm is hit by the pickup teeth but not very bad, part of this I think is because the right arm swings Above the left arm.

I had the bad idea of heating the twine tube and adjusting it but this only made it worse about not hitting the plunger so I moved it back. Is there some adjustment that can be made to affect the pivot differently on each end? It looks to me as if the twine arms and cutter system is all on the same frame.

Another lesser issue is with programming the tie cycle. The baler has the equal fill/auto tie monitor. I can go into the 'learn' mode and teach the monitor a tie sequence but it will loose the sequence when batter power is removed from the monitor. It there a way to 'save' the tie sequence?


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Oct 4, 2002
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The twine tube is either bent or the mounting stud is slightly bent. Also check the plunger, I have seen them bent too.
No the monitor must be reset if it loses power. If you have 2-6" belts and 2-14" belts it is a 93-98 model baler. We sold over 500 of those 504 Super I balers at Carter & Carter Machinery.