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May 5, 2003
Hart County, Ga
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I don't wish to promote a particular dealer, but if you are traveling through, or live near upstate South Carolina there are 2 huge flea markets. The local Branson dealer usually has a tractor on display there. Great opportunity to get the wife to look at a tractor.
My wife would sit in the car, looking bored when I went to tractor dealerships. We happened by the Branson while antiquing one day. She listened to the sales pitch and agreed it was time to upgrade tractors.
One flea market is near Pickens, (nice mountain location) and the other is close to I-85 near Anderson. Pickens is on Wed, and they start EARLY! (they are packing up and leaving by 11), the Anderson one is called the Anderson Jockey Lot and it is on Sat.
You may find other dealers who display at Ag fairs, flea markets, etc. Great way to introduce a reluctuant spouse to a new tractor.
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I had the same experience at the Tyler Trade Days here in East Texas. I'd never seen a Branson before and was very impressed. My wife got to look and candles and I looked at important stuff.
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Congrat /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gifulations on your new tractor