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Aug 3, 2017
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I have a cabin in PA with about two acres of ground that I mow. It appears I have voles.
Anybody have a suggestion for getting rid of them?
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Voles are there for reason...guessing grubs,treat area for grubs etc.
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Voles are herbivores. They eat plant material. They use the tunnels that are dug by moles, which eat grubs. Get rid of the grubs, and you will get rid of the moles, and the voles will not have tunnels in which to travel. You get rid of the grubs by spreading milky spore. But your neighbors need to do it also or they will come right back.
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Milky spore, also gardens alive has a nematode that you can dilute in water and spray in a back pack sprayer. Also have use mole be gone.
If you plan on planting any trees, make sure you use a tree tube, those voles will girdle a tree and eat its roots...
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What's the difference between a mole and a vole? Never heard of the latter before.

We had a bad infestation of them over the winter...tunnels and mounds of dirt everywhere. Dunno why we were so "blessed"...almost none of our neighbors had them.

I've never seen a cat touch one...maybe they taste bad?
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Moles are about the size of a fat chipmunk, blind, live underground, have a nose that looks like a stubby octopus, and make raised tunnels and mounds of dirt in your yard and eat grubs and earthworms. Voles are about the size of a field mouse, have eyes, and eat seeds and stuff in your yard. Voles make the little hollow tunnels in the grass that you see when the snow melts. As forge stated, they will also eat the tender roots and stuff around ornamental shrubs, flowers, and such.
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Moles are about 6" long and have HUGE from paws that look like baseball mits with claws, and itty-bitty eyes.

Voles are about 3.4-5" long, very mouselike, have round, open eyes, and have a short tail.

Once you see a mole, you'll never mistake it for a mouse, vole, shrew, etc...

Shrew, Vole, Mole from top to bottom...

Vole on left, mole on right...

And the critter nightmares are made of... the star-nosed mole... YIKES!!! :laughing: