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Sep 1, 2014
jd 2630 - NH TL100A-35 ferg-53 ford backhoe
seat no longer available , It seem these arm rest are like hunting hens teeth. what im looking for would be an original but will settle for just one I can adapt. It seems that ones off of ZT mowers are the closet design . and Im not opposed to paying a fair price but If I have to manufacture something I prefer not to cut up a new one. It just slides on a pin and threaded pin screws into the back and acts as a stop.

   / Wanted , Arm Restright side tl100a
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SO I guess no one has one laying around so Saturday I decided to build one I took the left one off for a pattern glued two 2x 6s together and cut it out bored a 1" hole and a slot in the back . I had to take it on and off several times to take a little more off the back slot so the angle would be right but it works fine. I was going to put a layer of neoprene on the top and then dip it in plastic dip but some body left the lid off and it was hard so I just did a red neck upholstery job with an old wet suit and it will work.