Weld on carbide teeth

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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
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Looking for a source for weld on carbide teeth.


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Normally and it used to be that carbide tips were installed with silver solder. 50Ni1. 50% silver and 1% nickel. That was some years back when I was selling filler metals. If your research shows that it is still done that way, I have a bunch I would sell for 1/2 what it's worth. Good luck.
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you can't weld Tungsten Carbide, only thing you can do is Braze/Silver Solder it. and usually teeth are brazed on oversize then ground with a diamond wheel to size, and sharpen them.
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Geez, that blade looks like it wouldn't cut butter.

I would think that finding the nubs, attaching (welding) them on (perfectly straight and at the exact depth), balancing the blade, and whatever else, would be more trouble and expense than it is worth.

My tendency would be to toss that blade and buy a new one. They are not that expensive.
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I am guessing that that is some kind of stump grinder or similar type of blade. Those teeth are usually bolt on. You might want to consider drilling the plate and getting a set of the cutter holders and just buying regular stump grinding teeth. Sure would make the next change out a lot easier.
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Agreed. We need to know what the blade is on.

There is nothing in the picture to give us a reference of size? IS that a thick and big stump grinder wheel, or a 7" circular saw blade??
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OK Frank, tell us what it is and the size of the wheel.