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Mar 16, 2003
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Hi guys,

Since you guys have been so supportive of us who can't weld (or don't know how), I'm trying to educate myself. I've run across some great videos on YouTube.

I thought this one was good... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJrBxABswjs

(I note he's Canadian... that's why he keeps saying "about" the way he does)

What do you guys think of this DC welder? Runs off 12v batteries, seems pretty simple.

Readywelder.com | There's nothing like it!

Do you have other suggestions or recommendations?


Rob :)
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I would not recommend starting to learn welding with that unit. Buy a used AC 'buzzbox' and an autodarkening helmet for starters. Take a night school welding class at a local high school. Find some scrap steel and start learning how to strike an arc, lay a smooth bead and get 'penetration'. Once you have mastered an AC box, DC, Reverse DC, TIG and cast iron welding will come naturally. A working AC box on Craigslist is probably under $100. Read up on what rods are used with what steeland how you store/keep rods. Make some metal artwork and put some hours in. Then, when you really need it, the fear factor will be ZERO and the fix will be permanent and make you proud.
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I somewhat agree with ZZ in that this DC welder is going to end with you saying you cannot weld. Spend the money on the used buzz box. If you have the cash go for a heavy duty mig as you can do a bit more with it. But if you just want to farm weld, get the buzz box, get your welding gear (helmet / gloves / tools) from harbor freight. Go to a chain welding store (Airgas?) and buy rods from them, and a little airtight container to keep them in. Buy some scrap and go for it.

There are some good simple welding videos online, and you can buy a couple of DVD's and it helps. I did and I do reference them all the time just because I only weld once very 6 months and forget everything I knew. I bet you know someone who can come out and get you started, just to stand around and make sure you don't do something you can get hurt with (I am not quite sure what that would be).

Hey Rob. I just checked CL. There are like 5 good welders for under $200 for sale. I saw a nice Craftsman with helmet and tools for $195.. I would snap that up in a heartbeat (Lincoln would be my favorite choice but the Craftsman looks really nice).
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I agree about getting an AC/DC tombstone welder - i do find DC stick much easier than AC stick though. However, i disagree about people's comments about the Ready Welder. It definitely has its place. It is a high capacity MIG - 3/4" penetration. People who have them seem to love them. I bought one used cheap but have not had to weld with it yet so my comments are based on other people's opinions. I bought it rather than a cheap 120V MIG.

The pros are: Deep penetration, can weld anywhere, can weld aluminum with it (some buy it as a cheap spool gun for their existing expensive MIG), and if you get the right one, you can weld with less penetration using the dc of your ac/dc tombstone as the power source.

The cons are: The spool is in the gun so it can be heavy and difficult to get into tight places. You can use only small spools (and I mean small, 1 lb size - going to try winding my own on a lathe).

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