What do these knobs do?

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They serve no function without the tiller.
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Don't touch them I think that's the activator for the ejector seat😜.
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yes i know it.i can use leveling manually. but if i have working ufo system, it would be great to use it, or just to know those remote control operations. may be automatic level system will be useful for me. but the main problem is that i dont understand in japaneese...everything seems working, but there is three controllers and dont know which controller is made for...sorry for my english
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yes there is some electronic in there 20141214_113726.jpg
they are under the seat.and 2 of them connects with tractors back, and one goes to ufo control.and there is leveling system (i think that it is) one that you can see in photo, and one is lover at tractor back.
from the photo PhilY uploaded i see that my smaller knob is for switching from auto and manual(same japan letters).bigger knob is for up and down, in my controller this knob goes sideways, but the same result.the roller is for leveling. ok if im thinking right, now i know functions of knobs ant roller.but on auto and manual mode bigger knob and roller seems to do different job.
is it possible that on auto mode i just have to use roller, and on manual i have to use only bigger knob??? or on both modes roller and knob have functions???
hope you can understand my english :)
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of topic question. does my yanmar ke-4 (i think that is ke-4 becouse of sticker on side) have other name? eg. like YM240 or YM2000? or my tractors name is ke-4 :)
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Your English is ok.

I think you need to have a Yanmar 3-point implement (rototiller, etcetera) behind the tractor that sends special signals to those controls.
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yes i heave 3-point implement (rototiller).
and it works great.but its hard to understand ufo controller. if i know how to work on manual i would work with manual.but how i said its difficult to understand ufo...its my first tractor and im not a farmer, so its all new to me :) this tractor is just for pulling small trailer in field.and 2times a year ill use rototiller...but i have quite a bit of field and ground is not straight, so i think automatic leveling would be useful with rototiller...