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Feb 10, 2011
Has anybody used these wheel chocks?

Camco 44412 Wheel Chock : Amazon.com : Automotive

The guy I bought my trailer from gave me one. I had seen them at Walmart and thought they were junk. I usually use blocks of wood. One day I went to move the trailer with the BX and forgot to move the wheel chocks and the plastic wheel chock was digging in, the wooden one just slide. It almost felt like the brake were locked on the trailer. I ordered 3 more for the car trailer and 2 for the utility trailer.

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I've used them and they aren't bad.
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They look good. I bought two chocks for the rear tires of my tractor at TSC. They are the heavy duty rubber ones. They have an eyelet in the body. I attached a piece of rope to them and pull them both out of the same time.
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Yes we have some, and they work well.
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How do they work on smooth concrete? That would be my concern.
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I have a set of 4 that I kept after selling our Camper, I use them as door chocks to hold my shop doors open, I still continue to use the 6x6 wooden chocks I made for my trailers:cool:
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I'm too cheap for them. I use 4X4's cut across the diagonal.
yep but I like them a little taller. I am always making new ones because they always seem to get lost or get burned up for some reason :confused3: