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Frank Sorbello

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Jul 12, 2011
Power Trac PT-422
For those that have or have used a wheel trencher, can you turn while trenching? If so what is about the tightest turn you can make while operating?

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yes you can turn and radius of turn depends on the trencher size and depth of cut.
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Received new wheel trencher and offset on Friday. Very happy with the trencher. In the process of making my own blade. I thought the offset would be adjustable before I ordered. It's not. Oh well.
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Ok. Help me out. Can I see pix of he trencher and especially the offset? The offset really interests me.

Also how and why are you making your own new wheel?
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I will take a picture of the offset. I am making a blade that will saw the ground versus digging a wide trench. I want to be able to dig down 12" but want the width of the trench to be as narrow as possible. I bury a lot of wire and cable. I don't need the trench to be any wider than 1/2".

I haven't put the offset on yet. It will put the blade to about the outside of the tire.
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I am intrigued how it all hooks up. I have always wanted to offset some of my implements, I know it can cause issues but if Icould move my mower off to the side for road work that would be great. I am also still holding the dream of making my own stump grinder which I think is the same as the wheel trencher.
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I have a the PT stump grinder. The motor doesn't have the torque as the one on the wheel trencher and rpms are too high .