Wheels: What Tractors Have 6-hole 6.69" b.c.

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Oct 6, 2020
My Kioti CK27 has the metric bolt pattern 6-hole wheels. Called either 170mm, 6.69", or 6 11/16". The center hole is called 5.32".

Looking to buy a spare for the rear. It's just to get the tractor back home, in case I have another flat. So, the tire does NOT have to be exactly the same diameter. Can have ag tread, turf tread, or R-4 tread. Just has to hold air, for at least a few hours.

So, what other more popular tractors use this same metric 6-hole pattern ?

I assume that some of the compact models made overseas, maybe in South Korea or India might use 'em.

I bought a brand new Titan tire & wheel for my New Holland, back before 2008. The shipped price was very reasonable.

But, so far, the best shipped price I can come up with for a new wheel/tire shipped, for this tractor, is somewhere between $800 & $1000.

Hey, as mentioned, all I need is a spare, in case of another flat. Not gonna work the tractor, with it.

This was brought to my attention a few days ago when I had a flat, out in the woods. Had to take it off, take it to the tire shop, then take it back out to the woods. If I'd had a spare, I could have had the tractor back home in a couple of hours or less, then had the tire fixed later, at my convenience. Since I had no spare. It took all afternoon to get it done.

Note: This is not a "What do you have for sale?" want-to-buy ad. I need to know what other tractors use this same bolt pattern, so I can look for a used wheel, in my area. Obviously, there are not a lot of spare Kioti wheels out there. But, if a popular Kubota or other popular model uses the same pattern, then I can probably locate a suitable spare, much easier. Over the past 2 days I've spent many hours, online, looking for this wheel info. If such wheel interchange charts exists, I haven't found 'em. :(

Thanks for any help that can be provided !
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What size and style of tire and rim do you have ? I have some 6 bolt centers for 6 loop 24" rims.
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Wish that I knew what these were off of. All I can say is they are Ivory in color with no markings.