where to position tractor on trailer?


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Aug 25, 2013
Parker, CO
Kubota L4060hstc, formerly L3200hst
I ordered a weight safe hitch last night and will use that for tongue weight etc. Looks like the trailer should be around 2500 pounds give or take. I'll use the steering wheel for initial positioning and fine tune it with the weight safe hitch.
I love mine. Expensive, but cheap when you compare it to the cost of the truck, trailer, tractor or whatever other cargo you haul.

Guessing often means overloading your hitch & rear suspension or setting yourself up for fishtailing. At some point you get a feel for it, hopefully before breaking something or a code brown. I got a feel for mine but still upgraded from a stand alone tongue scale I used a few times to the Weigh Safe. I spend the 5-10 seconds every time I have a load on to look at that dial. A few times I've realized I was far enough off I should restart the tractor & move it a bit.