which boomer?


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Jan 4, 2001

I was faced with a similar decision when I bought my TC45D. It was: should I get a 40D off the lot - which will probably do what I need it to for now - or do I order & wait for a 45D & pay more, but be sure that it can handle the things I will want it to do in the future. The last part of the question made the decision for me. Either would work for the next year or two but the comfort of knowing the extra power is there for your future plans & unforseeables is really nice. I decided that since I was spending that much $$ anyway the cost difference in the two units should not be the driving force for my purchase decision. (once your in the $20k range for you investment, the extra doesn't really look like that much) I spent the couple extra bucks & now I have a machine that should have the power to do what ever I will need it to for a long long time. I figured that it was cheaper to get what I want with plenty of power up front, than to trade it in two or three years later because my needs changed & I am not happy any more. No regrets so far.