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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
Kubota B3030HSDC
I've been thinking about this for months, and finally yesterday i decided to start in on this little project. I run my rear wheels at one of the widest settings...... mostly to clear the bracketry for my Woods belly mower. Since that leaves my tires mostly uncovered by my fenders, i thought i'd remedy that. Also..... the operators station could always use a little more space.

I had a few pieces of inch and a quater angle from another project, so i decided this is what i would use for brackets to space out the fenders. In retrospect..... channel would have been much easier, but i had none hanging around. This will end up making my fenders 5 inches wider.


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I'm still in the mock-up stage, but one spacer is partially done. Simple enough, with holes on either side ....... to bolt where the fender was, and to bolt the fender to it. My fabfication skills are not as good as my imagination, but hopefully..... when all is said and done, and all the pieces painted black, the change should hardly be noticeable.


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Once the spacer was made..... it was time to widen the bracket between the seat base, and the fender. I cut it and welded in a piece of flat stock to bring the stud out two and a half inches. Then..... i trimmed the tab off of the foot-board which held the bottom/front of the fender. I made a piece to bring this out 2.5 inches also. I hope to have all the cutting and welding done today..... but most likely will not get the peices in primer and paint till later on this week. The wiring for the lights was plenty long enough for this.... it was spiraled around the seat base/fender brace. No lengthening of the wires will be required


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Then....after the fenders are in place..... it looks like i will have to make a small filler for the rear of the foot-board, so that there will be no chance of getting a heel caught in the new found space. And..... i will also widen the pedal for the diff lock...... also to ensure i will not get a heel caught between the pedal and the fender.

Here is a pic during mock-up, hopefully showing the right side being wider... in comparison to the left being stock.

I'm sure others have accomplished this. Am i overlooking anything?


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Nice job. The last picture says it all.
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Great job. Nice to have more room in the cab area I am sure. Right after I read your post I ran out and checked how my Ford fenders were on. Unfortunately they are part of the ROPS system, and I think it would be too much work to widen mine.
But its great to get good functional ideas from here on TBN
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OK..... finished up the left side today. Made a copy of the right side fender spacer...... and ..... it actually fit??? Unusual for my projects !


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I know it doesn't look significantly different...... but i took her for a spin after i finished, and the five extra inches between the fenders adds a noticable amount of leg / foot room. I will need to widen the dif lock pedal as i had anticipated. Definitely enough room to catch your shoe between the pedal and the fender now. That could be a problem during an emergency exit. Well worth the sunday afternoon !


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I'm curious about those white painted arms that you have your sway chains hooked to, are thos "stock", homade or did they come with an implement?
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That is the bracketry for my Woods L59 belly mower that came with the tractor. The kit (apparently) moved the sway chains outside the lower arms. The original swivels are still there..... but attaching the sway chains to them would now interfere with the mower drive belt, which runs off of the rear PTO. Funny thing is..... i took the belly mower off the tractor last winter when i bought it, and have never put it back on, nor ever even used the belly mower. Its a pain in the butt to remove the drive pulley to run any other implement. Why they couldn't have the pulley slide on and lock in place with a spring loaded lock pin is beyond me. I'm frequently in a tug-of-war with myself to keep it or sell it...... a rear finish mower would likely suit me better. For now i'll just keep mowing with the Cub Cadet, and reserve the Yanmar for the heavier yard jobs!