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My impression of a pickup truck is, if it has 4 doors (mine does) it has to have at least a 6 foot cargo box, preferably an 8 foot box, not the tiny 5 foot or less cargo soccer mom bed they produce today and of course the highly inflated price as well. When the autoworkers cannot afford to buy them, that says something about their products.
Trouble is with a 4 door truck with an 8' bed is that it's HUGE. I can't imagine it's much fun to try and park, realistically you need 2 spaces for it. Fine if you need something that big, but most of us don't. Agree that the the 4 foot beds you see on the compact 4 door trucks are pretty useless. To me a 6.5' is a good compromise. Personally, I don't need or even particularly want a 4 door truck, but not much of anyone makes extended cab trucks anymore.
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I do which is why a have a crew cab not a wanna be crew cab and an 8 foot box as well.

Crew cab diesel/8'box...they are indispensable to the far-flung ranches here in Nevada, 100 miles and more from town. I see them pull in to town early on a Sunday morning...the whole family (sometimes more than 6 people) in the truck. After church services they fill the bed of the truck with whatever was on their shopping list and head back to the ranch. All the farm supply and hardware stores are open Sundays to accommodate them.
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8.5 ft CM flat bed is life changing. I will never go back to a regular bed.

I wish I could get a mega cab and a 10 ft bed
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My Ram 5500 has a 9’ Eby flatbed and it feels small to me.
When people buy something that seems to large, be it tractor, truck, etc. they just need to give themselves time to get used to it.