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Oct 21, 2006
I'm looking out my window at 10 degrees this morning, got me thinking. I'm setting up the 2084 to plow. I'll run 5W30 dino oil. Does anyone use a block heater, or just crank it over and go? When I plowed with a JD 10 years ago it started but on very cold days it could be a struggle. Is there even a heater made for CC's?
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I have a GT2542 and live in North Eastern Connecticut.

I switched over to a 5W20 synthetic for the winter.
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I have a CC 7260. I bought a tank style heater at one of my local auto parts stores, and simply plumbed it up, no big deal. It does make start ups a lot easier on the tractor when it gets cold.


EDIT - Oops, just noticed your tractor isn't water cooled. Didn't notice that initially. In that case, I can't be much help to you!
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i don't use my tractors in the winter.but on super cold days i use a 4gal(or what ever it is)propane heater to warm up my snow thrower.I also use it for the air compressor.i keep it maybe 3 feet away or only takes a few min.
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I could use a space heater in a pinch, but if I was going to do it regularly would rather have a heater on the block. I suppose a dipstick heater might work but not a great solution either.
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Dave0 I suppose a dipstick heater might work but not a great solution either.[/QUOTE said:
Hi Dave01
What is a dipstick heater?

We don't get the snow here in NE Iowa like you all get.Today we got about 8".But it can get cold.Wed we hit -19F air temp.
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Undercover - The dipstick heater is just what it's name implies. A heater that goes in place of the oil dipstick.
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-19 is cooooolllllddd. Coldest I've seen yet this year is -8 driving through Vermont.

Diesel said it, just goes in place of your dipstick. They have a rap of possibly causing some fires, I've wondered how valid it is. Anything that gets real hot in a garage near gas, rags, and vehicles is a fire hazard, you just have to be safe.
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Hey Dave,
I've had good luck puting a charger on the battery with a 3 amp slow charge. I think it's enough to warm up the battery a bit.

I have also aimed a torpedo heater at a stubborn Cub and after 5 or 10 minutes, it started right up.

I like the dipstick heater idea, I've never tried that one.