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Mar 11, 2007
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I feel dumb asking this but Its a first for me. I have a 28hp 4x4 Tractor and I picked up a 60" Woods Dixie Cutter. I plan to use it for the first time in my life and I wanted to ask if there is anything I should know about running this thing. I plan to grease the shaft, Hook up and engage the PTO and away I will go I hope. Would you pro's say that thats all I need to do? Im a 1st time tractor owner and feel kind of stupid asking basic questions.
( never used PTO):eek:
Thanks in Advance.
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I am no Pro, but I always throttle down before engaging the PTO...probably worth mentioning.
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What condition is the blade in? Do you know when the last time it was sharpened?, odds are it could probably use a sharpening. Wouldn't hurt to get under the deck to at least make sure the bolts that hold the blade on are tight. Grease everything on the cutter, spindle, rear wheel and pivot, pto shaft. When you go to engage the pto, idle down to say 1500 - 1700 RPM and then engage it. This way there won't be a lot of sudden shock that could damage the mower or tractor. Also, when you engage the PTO make sure your in an area that won't create any resistance to the blade since it isn't up to speed yet, such as super tall grass or etc.
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I would make sure the PTO shaft is the proper length to be run on your tractor. Too long or too short could get expensive.:(
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Small thing is to check to see if there's a plastic sleeve on the pto shaft and see if there's a small light duty chain with a clip. If there is, that clip & chain must be clipped to something to keep the plastic from spinning with the shaft.
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Fantastic help. Im unsure how to know the correct length of PTO Shaft. I have a Grey Market Tractor that is a close cross to a Massey 1240.
I have to ask,, What would become Expensive?

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Don't feel dumb asking any question. I have yet to pull the trigger on a tractor and these are some basic questions I would have as well.:)
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I have a 5' Woods Brush Cutter also and I used it on an old Ford 8-N with no problems. The Ford was only 24 PTO hp IIRC. I now have a 35hp Branson that handles it VERY WELL.
You should have to pull the drive shaft out (extend) to connect to the PTO. If it comes out too far it could come apart. Just be sure the two pieces have plenty of area in contact.
An old Fart told me brush cutter blades should not be sharp-sharp. He said that if too sharp they will chip if you hit a rock. They tear more than cut.
Make sure both blades turn free (they swivel around if you hit something) and the stump jumper is in good condition. (stump jumper- the large round metal disc in the center)
Make sure no one is near when using. They can throw things and will eat anyone who slips under them.
I have eaten palmetto bushes (very tough) by backing over them and lowering the machine slowly. I also ate a 12" hunk of concrete before I could stop. The machine didn't care, it complained loudly though!
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An old Fart told me brush cutter blades should not be sharp-sharp. He said that if too sharp they will chip if you hit a rock. They tear more than cut.

Another reason behind not having blades SHARP SHARP is that when brush hogging 1" - 2" Saplings, a DULL blade will "Shatter / Splinter " the remaining stub left in the ground. Making difficult for the sapling to recover and grow back.

If it were a SHARP blade it would make a clean cut angling upward leaving a SHARP spike in the ground (aka TIRE POPPER ).

If you are ONLY going to cut Grass and have NO plans for knocking down brush, you could Sharpen the blades Sharp Sharp giving a clean cut.