Would you buy an LS again?

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Wow! Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have heard similar stories about the ECU/ECU wiring harness on some of these tractors, even from my dealer.
A while back, when I had to call the dealer to come help me diagnose an issue with my tractor, he suspected the wiring harness, telling me that they have seen a few with bad ones and the service bulletins from LS about them. He checked it, and it was "one of the good ones."

The warranty issue, this has been a sales pitch for a while now. The dealers will tell you about the awesome, long warranty period. But always seem to fall short about the finer details about the difference between power train, electrical, and bumper-to-bumper. I educated myself here, on this issue, before buying and when I was at the dealer, asked out it. He gave me the full scoop, and exact dates when each warranty will expire. Then he gave me some advice: when in doubt, call and ask. Explain to me (the dealer) what is wrong and ask if it is covered under your warranty. If it is not, I will quote you a price..." This conversation also lead to me doing my own repairs under warranty, which I did use.

All this to say, sounds like your dealer needs to be fired. Can you locate a different LS dealer someplace close for future issues? It might be worth the drive if it means getting your tractor back before the 80 day mark.
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I’m not certain where the next LS dealer is but I will be researching. In my opinion, it does all boil down to communication. Hindsight is clear now.
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I have owned a XR4040H since Mar 2015. I've only been able to put 35hours on it, because it keeps having problems - the worse of which is a problem with the DPF and ending up in limp mode. I've had it go to the dealer a few times and they've come out to my place before too. They're still trying to figure out what's wrong.

When it works, it's a great tractor. But, with the bumper-to-bumper warranty ending, I am leery of it failing again. The dealer has been fantastic in trying to help us reach a resolution.

Anyway, we are thinking we have a lemon and just want to trade it in. We would go for another LS, probably a XU6168CPS, but with the dealer 40 miles away and having to have it transported for service, I wonder if I should just pay 15-25% more for a major brand that has a dealer in town. In town, I can get pretty much every other brand and they are all about six miles from my farm.

But, I'm also thinking I would get more on a trade-in from a LS dealer than someplace else.

What is everyone's opinion?
Yes I would buy an LS again if they sold what I was looking for.
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With the current strong market for used, why not just sell it outright for top dollar? Then you will be free to buy any replacement you want.
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I have a XG3024 and would but again. Plenty of power for my needs. Have bent box blade rippers and the large country line ripper. What few problems I've had have been my fault.
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Yes I would, but.....I'd get one with a cab next time! :(
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With the current strong market for used, why not just sell it outright for top dollar? Then you will be free to buy any replacement you want.
Perhaps because the OP asked the question nearly 5 years ago... and hasn't been back since a year after that. As near as I can tell, at that time he'd kept the LS because he couldn't get anything for it,(12K) and bought a bigger Kubota.
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I have had my Tractor for just over 3 months now and around 75 hours on her and this is the best tractor I have ever had.

It has been able to do more than I thought a compact Tractor could do. Things like hall and move big wood I made a beach for my ducks at my lake dug many pits (don't ask) and so much more.

My dealer is awesome I had a small leak on a hose on the grapple and with in 2 hours they had a tech at my house and replaced the elbow for free.

Yes I would buy another LS when the time comes.
Now I have over 152 hours and I am still loving this tractor!
YES! I would still buy another LS if the time comes.