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Dec 11, 2019
Branson 3515ch
Good Day, I am new here and have researched this; but wanted to get the experts take. My wife and I recently purchased ~30 AC place that is mainly all mature pasture with some woods and is gently rolling. My main uses for the tractor would be basic upkeep and mowing the pasture if I don't lease it out. Additional work would be garden tilling (yes, probably a bit overkill... :laughing:); but we are dealing with good ol Georgia red clay. I got a quote for ~27.5K including fluid filled rears, gel sealer in front, delivery included and 50 hour service (I pay for materials, they pay for the transportation to/from and labor). One concern I have is there is only a 2 year bumper to bumper; but wonder might go wrong.

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Not sure if there has been changes, but last week my x1.35 suffered a major electrical short in the main power wire to the ignition switch. The wire harness was routed thru a metal portion of the dash frame, and it chaffed thru in less than 150 hours of use.
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Thanks for the info, I came across a good deal on Branson tractor.